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TSNW LogoThis is a fund-raiser for Team Survivor Northwest, and Dancer Registrations form the bulk of our fund-raising – THANK YOU for supporting a great cause.

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Early Bird Registration (until 14th October)

Get your Zombie on for less until the 14th October. We’re dedicating a whole Scare Production make-up tent this year for the Brains package and once we’ve sold out of 100% Brain packages, only Bare Bones (no make-up) will be available.  

  • Bare Bones  Dance registration only.  $20 Adults / $10 Under 18.
  • 100% Brains Dance registration, souvenir photo and gruesome Scare Productions makeup.  $30 Adults / $20 Under 18.

Open Registration (until 26th October)

We completely sold out of 100% Brains within the first few weeks of Early-Bird Registration, so only Bare Bones is available, I’m afraid.  During the event there will be a makeup tent where, (subject to availability) you can get your makeup done for the a-la-carte price of $5.  You will also be able to buy a photo for $5 at the Photo Booth.

  • Bare Bones  Dance registration only.  $25 Adults / $15 Under 18.

Day Of Registration

Only Bare Bones will be available for on-the-day or door registration.  If you experience technical difficulties signing up for the event on the day-of, just come to the registration desk on the Macy’s side of Center Court at the Redmond Town Center. The intention is for Registration to be held open until 2:30pm – but PLEASE don’t leave it that late.  Registrations made after 2:00pm are not guaranteed to receive a certificate owing to logistical reasons.

  • Bare Bones  Dance registration only.  $30 Adults / $20 Under 18

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