2014 Wall

Fundraising Results 2014

  Money Raised
Money Raised from Registration Fees $   4,230.00 
Money Raised from Workshops $     765.00 
Donations $      15.00 
Merchandize / T-Shirts $     976.00 
Total Raised $   5,986.00 
  Registered Attended
Adult Dancers 159 144
Under 18 Dancers 122 115
Adults & Under 18 Dancers 281 259
Official Count (only includes dancers who signed out!)   221
Thank you for supporting "Thrill The World" and SecondStory Rep Theatre

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Join the Hordes! - 2017

Volunteers to help on the day with Makeup, crowd control etc are always needed. The dance is at 3pm, so you can volunteer (for most activities) and dance too!
  • You will be contacted by one of our Volunteer Coordinators
  • Volunteers should plan on arriving at the Town Center at 9:45am for orientation and help set-up on the day.